How to choose the capers

The caper is one of the most aromatic plantsused in cooking but how to choosethe best? 

° Choose those small.
° Prefer capers IGP Salina and Sicily , are richer in taste and fragrant.

What to avoid

• Large dimensions of the bud are at the expense of flavor and aroma.
• Products of unknown origin.

How to store

The salted capers are durable; those pickle, once opened, should be stored in the refrigerator, where they last more than 1 year.

In the kitchen

And one of the most aromatic plants used in Mediterranean cuisine: it combines easily meat , fish boiled, sauces , omelettes and pizza .
Remember that the capers are always used raw, adding them to the last minute preparations either whole is minced: with cooking, in fact, lose aroma and sweetness and acquire a bitter aftertaste.

Capers in brine and subt ‘ vinegar must be rinsed before use, while those in salt should be kept in water for 20 minutes, changing the water a couple of times, then drained and squeezed dry.

Good to know

The caper contains flavonoids with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, capparirutina (a bitter glucoside with diuretic), vitamins A, B1 and B2, pantothenic acid, ascorbic acid and pectin.

It stimulates the appetite and digestion ; the fresh buds of the caper and diuretics are indicated in case of cellulite , coupcrose and acne rosacea.

Prepare homemade salted capers is very simple: just switch capers already trimmed, washed and dried, with layers of salt in a glass jar or earthenware, ending with a layer salt (1 kg per 1 kg of capers salt). At this point you close the jar tightly and leave it in a dark place for about 1 month prior to consume the content.