Eat for islands

Mangiar per isole – PANI CALIATU – Aeolian cuisine recipes and stories told by Aeolian.

The Aeolian Islands are truly an extraordinary charm archipelago of seven volcanic sisters arranged to form a large Y in front of the north-east coast of Sicily, which stand dall`isola mother not only for typical l`architettura construction, but also for variations to the traditional Sicilian recipes, created by the taste and the raw material that can be found on site.
Many of these “variations” were due to logistical issues, most notably l`isolamento from the mainland during the winter period and therefore the need to preserve the food for a long time.

Baroncini and the Lord carried out a proper research among the inhabitants “native” of the seven islands, collecting the results in this illustrated volume.
The first chapter, which is what that Gives Green name to the book, was not actually provided by the authors, but it came out spontaneously from conversations with respondents: all, in fact, have talked about the l`importanza that the bread – ” caliatu “, that is, toasted or not – had been for the islanders over the generations.

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After this “appetizer”, the book Pani Caliatu leads the reader into the kitchens of the Aeolian families “true”, which always have great importance soups, homemade pasta, game, fish, vegetables, sweets and preserves.
Reported recipes are many, all the expression of a genuine and tasty cuisine, at the same time frugal and voluptuous, the result of a unique environment, which was able to raise artfully simplicity.

How wisely nell`introduzione report the authors, we have to walk towards the future with food innovations that the company proposes to us, but with the taste buds at the past.