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Consortium wine Malvasia

It is essential to competitiveness on world markets has risen in 1999 the Consortium of Malvasia wine, joined with seven companies that bottle on the island.

The goal is the recognition of DOCG. To better understand the work of these brave entrepreneurs, are worth more figures: in 1980 hectares of Malvasia were little more than fifteen, are now almost ninety five years ago were still less than half. But if production increased, not decreased against the problems: there is little rain and periodicals increasingly concentrated, there is no emergency irrigation, transport to the mainland are expensive, there is no adequate plan for rural roads.

More than a hundred people working full time in the cellars of the island, the yield from the last harvest is 400 hectoliters. Close up view Malvasia is a liqueur gentle color and scents decided and easily identifiable. The DPR is the DOC of 1973: 95% Malvasia, 5% Black Corinth. The Corinth Black gives color to the wine, his are the reddish reflections, color stability .. It can be of three types: natural to 11.5 °; raisin to 18 °; liqueur at 20 °. The breeding is espalier on slopes.

The berries are small and delicate. The vine unproductive, he shoots long, tough skin, plant development considerably. Today the production is targeted almost exclusively to raisin. The drying on racks happens on the roofs of houses at the end of September, the grapes are covered with tarps to protect it from bees and wasps, and can last from 7 to 20 days. In the study there is the possibility of using air-conditioned rooms. Explains Carlo Nicolosi company Baron Villagrande:

The drying in the sun not only gives good things, we must go forward, maybe create different solutions to avoid such risks of caramelization of sugars, oxidation.

After drying, the grapes end up in the cellar: de-stemming, crushing and pressing with soft presses. Malvasia must always be recognizable, explains Nino Caravaglio, owner of the company. In the glass, everyone must feel the same sensations: yellow topaz with rosy hues, scent of broom flowers, apricot, herbs, honey-like flavor, never cloying. The overall production is: 70% sweet, 25% Malvasia, 5% liqueur.


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