Malvasia delle Lipari Doc Passito – Fenech

Among the pleasures to be enjoyed at least once in life you can not miss the Malvasia delle Lipari, noble Sicilian wine that comes from an ancient tradition rooted in the Aeolian Islands. 

The grapes, made dry in the sun for two weeks, is transformed into a divine nectar is able to offer unique sensations, unattainable for most dessert wines Italian and foreign.

One of the greatest interpreters of this wine is Francesco Fenech, winegrower genuine as the fertile land of Salina, where today is the messenger of a centuries-old tradition, strong unique relationship with a pristine land and the choice of adopting organic production methods.



Azienda Agricola Fenech


From volcanic soil, sandy, born a wine bright amber color and aromas fresh and delicate, with notes of citrus, flowers, apricots, almonds and dried figs that alternate with great balance. In the mouth there is a full-bodied, structured and, at the same time, gently aromatic. 


Malvasia delle Lipari

A great minerality and freshness for a raisin from extraordinary, served with cheese, chocolate or as a sipping wine.