After collecting capers from May until the end of September, after putting them in salt to preserve them for the winter, now we just have to dedicate ourselves to cucunci!

The cucunci, are the fruits of the caper and will collect in August. After the collection must be washed, air-dried and placed in a container covered with salt to lose their indoor humidity and the bitter taste.

They will remain in salt at least 8-10 days.

After the brine must be rinsed and placed in jars where you will pour the liquid obtained by boiling white vinegar and water in the percentages indicated above. Before closing the jar, add a few cloves.

Let cool and store in pantry in the dark for at least 30 days before eating. The cucunci, who have the greatness of small gherkins, are ideal with aperitifs and can be used in salads along with the capers.

If not picked, the fruit of the caper plant unfolds in the sun and let the seeds fall, and those same seeds can be used to plant new plants.

The ideal environment for planting is dry and well drained as various small holes in the boundary walls or retaining walls of the gardens.