Properties of capers not only in the kitchen

They arrive at this time in the markets, capers collected this summer and stored for the winter. I am passionate about it, because I really love the island of Stromboli that caper is happily invaded.

The caper but do not have to humiliate him, using only in the kitchen but it’s valued for its health properties.
I did a bit of research: the caper, has digestive, diuretic and protective of the liver.

Recommended for those who suffer from slow digestion and sleepiness after lunch.

Eaten alone after an excess of alcohol, helps the mental and physical recovery. In veterinary medicine is used as a vermifuge and detoxifying for dogs and horses.

According to the Italian flower therapy, our local version of the Bach Flowers, the floral caper is indicated for those who have difficulty making choices and suffer from uncertainty due to the blocks created by the stubbornness and rigidity within.

The psychological benefits would have the power of choice, flexibility, decision, decisiveness.